Introduction to Terry & Lorraine

Lorraine & Terry Terry & Lorraineare hobby beekeepers in Norfolk, running nine colonies at present. Of these, eight are in National hives and the other in a Kenya Top-bar hive. Terry had previously kept bees many years ago, but Lorraine had never been involved. That was until a visit to The Royal Horticultural Society’s site at Harlow Carr in Yorkshire, and a very pleasant hour or so spent watching bees at very close quarters at their excellent display apiary. Lorraine became fascinated and things rapidly moved on from there. On their return home a quick telephone call to the beekeeper who’s honey they had purchased on many occasion from a local farm shop saw them both in the company of a very wise and knowledgeable beekeeper of 50 year experience peering into one of his many hives.

A frame of bees was passed to Lorraine, ‘just to hold for a minute’, and the rest is, as they say, history. This gentleman has remained both their friend and mentor. No one should every really have just one colony, as there are a multitude of circumstances that mean this would become untenable and quickly lost, whereas with a ‘spare’ running alongside, most things seem to be possible. But beware! They were only ever going to have two colonies, but of course the whole thing can become very addictive, so ten is now the amended maximum.

hiving a awarmThe weather, and the ever present pest varroa, something that didn’t exist during Terry’s previous foray into the craft, has presented them with a pretty steep learning curve, but with the help of their mentor, and a lot of friendly advice from other beekeepers, their knowledge and confidence is growing. Evidenced by the fact that both were successful in passing the British Beekeepers Association ‘Basic’ examination during the 2007 season, and award commonly known as ‘The beekeepers Driving Licence’. Both are very involved with their local beekeeping association, to the extent that they are this year to help with the presentation of various courses that cover a range from complete novice to pretty accomplished apiarists. The West Norfolk and King's Lynn Beekeepers' Association association has a very comprehensive web site for anyone interested.

KTB in UgandaTerry & Lorraine have also become involved with a small local group that operates as a charity helping to fund the building of a small vocational training centre in Uganda, where they and another Norfolk beekeeper have encouraged three local communities to take up beekeeping as a means of providing much needed income and an escape from the poverty trap. Hence the presence of the Kenya Top Bar hive in their apiary, which is being used to provide some comparisons of the craft in the two countries in a small experiment working in conjunction with a charity called Hives Save Lives.